Prior to the new school year starting, I needed to attend a parent-teacher conference for my daughter. This offered all of the parents the chance to meet their child’s teachers and visit their classrooms. My daughter, Angela, started middle school this fall.  Angela came along with me to learn where her classes were located, so she wouldn’t get lost on the first day. We were both anxious to explore her new school. However, as we walked from room to room, I noticed the building was way too warm. It wasn’t until Angela asked one of the teachers about turning the A/C up that I learned the cause of the issue. None of the classrooms had any air conditioning installed. Some of the teachers were running box fans, which did little good. I’ve always felt that a comfortable environment is crucial to learning and productivity.  An overheated indoor environment has a detrimental effect. When the teacher confirmed that he had no access to a cooling system settings in his classroom, I decided to speak with the principal at the end of the parent-teacher meetings. I simply wanted to learn more about the temperature control within the classrooms. When I met with her, asking my questions, the principal seemed equally concerned about the matter. Due to budget cuts and the age of the the school, there had been no updates to the heating system in many years. There was no plans to install air conditioning in the  building. If any improvements were to be made, the school board would hopefully approve a replacement of the ancient heating system. I thanked the principal for the information before leaving. I told Angela that if the heat in the classrooms continued to be a problem, I would do whatever it took to raise funds for the installation of proper air conditioning.

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