Some friends of mine invited my husband and I to the marina with them, where they said they had a pretty nice boat. On that boat, they were going out in the water for a few hours to have a grand time! They said they had nice food and drinks, and we could enjoy some fishing too. I was game for it! My husband was also ecstatic about going out there, especially to fish with the guys. When we made it to the marina, we were shocked at how lavish the boat was! This was one of those super fancy luxury yachts that has an indoor area. It was so bougie, it even had a nice climate control system running indoors! This way you could be out there on the water for hours on end, and not sweat much at all when it’s incredibly tepid outside! So we were out there on the water, just having a wonderful day, while everyone on the boat was nice and friendly to my husband and I. We had such a fabulous time! When my husband was out there fishing with the boys, he asked about the climate control system. They said it was a ductless mini-split system  which was perfect for the boat! They explained that it didn’t require any sort of ductwork to function as needed, so that’s why the boat seemed so spacious and roomy in the indoor area. I was fascinated by this ductless mini-split system, and thought that would be nice to have in our garage! I had been thinking about converting our garage to a nice entertainment area for guests, too. I could invite some of these people over to our locale and I could entertain them, too! I realize it wouldn’t be as nice as this amazing yacht, but it still would be nice – especially to have a little place to escape to every now and again!