My brother is a know-it-all who thinks that he not only knows everything, but that no 1 can be better than he is.  I was talking to him a bit ago in addition to he was showing off his brand new car. I had to admit it was lovely, but it should be for the sixty thou he paid for it.  He was telling almost everyone about how fast it ran, how comfortable the seats are, and of course he told almost everyone what he paid for it. He said it had the best Heating in addition to Air Conditioning around.  He had the air conditioning system turned so low that I could feel the chill coming off the windows. I stood there and I had my hand up to the window and I asked him about the mileage. He said that it got great mileage, but that was all he would say. I told him that my old car still got about 25 miles to the gallon and he just ignored me. I then told him that with all of the chilly air coming from around those windows, the gas mileage actually wasn’t too good. He offered me a rolling of the eyes. I explained that if their motor runs as efficiently as the car is insulated, I wouldn’t want to put gas in that car for a long trip. He was so angry, and I could see him hedging toward the window to feel if the air conditioning system was coming through the windows. His wife got in the car and told him it was time to go. He looked upset when he felt the cool air sifting out around the door and I just smiled and shrugged as I told him to love it in his new car.