When I was a young one in the world, my dad and mom taught me all that there was to guess about everyday life, then even though I moved out a young age, I knew how to deal with most things that were thrown my way, then so while my more than one kids are doing amazing in school, I also guess that most of what they’re being taught will not be important once their full grown adults. The science class won’t help them to repair their truck, or keep them from getting swindled by a awful mechanic. The US economics class will not show my kid the signs of a foundation cracking in her home, or how to separate a fantastic house from an awful one. So I’m teaching my son and kid everything my dad taught me, and then even more. They’re studying how to cook meals quick and on a budget, how to identify car concerns far beyond the basics. And also how to care for a heating and a/c unit the right way. The other day, I explained what air quality means and how important it is, and when they’re older, they might be buying a small house with few windows and no exhaust vent in the living room area. I explained how it was important to clean the vents and radiators and to use an air cleanser. I changed the a/c filter as they watched, so they could see how straight-forward it is, but also be informed how important it was! Once they’re older, I’ll tell them my favorite story of how my parents decided not to check the Heating and A/C service and then it caused our lake house to have a CO2 problem. For now, I’m glad to teach them the basics, and let them know that the air every one of us breathe is just as important as the food all of us eat each day.

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