I have learned a lot about owning a house in the last few years. At the start of my life, I thought owning a home would be like renting. I was not right on this. When you rent you have a property owner. This is the person at which you can direct all of your complaints and problems to. Now that I own the place, I am basically my own property owner. So whenever there is a problem, I have to repair it myself or learn to live with it. There are days that I want to go back to renting. I remember when the AC broke, I was able to just get on the phone. I would call my landlord and he would get an air conditioning business over to do the AC repair.  I didn’t have to set an appointment on my own. I did not need to talk with an Heating and A/C supplier. I also did not pay the money for it. I just complained to the property owner. Now when the AC breaks I have to repair it myself or pay a huge amount of money to have someone else repair it. Long story short, I have spent the last few years researching everything I could about repair, service, and upkeep for heating and cooling equipment. Yup, occasionally you need a qualified and licensed Heating and A/C expert to handle an issue, but really most days, it is something small you can do yourself.

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