Whenever the apartment is quiet, the people I was with and myself certainly feel crazy. I personally can’t stand there to be quiet, and any noise is better than listening to nothing at all. Even when I’m sitting at the desk, trying to work, I still have to have a small ceiling fan running. This quiet noises help me think. My friends and others laugh at me, because they believe that it is awkward to never have any type of Silence. Sporadically, they try to get me into an awkward situation. Last Wednesday we were at church for an assembly. Right now is fall, and the people I was with and myself certainly have no need for the furnace or cooling plant at this time. The same goes for the church, and they were not using the furnace and cooling plant at all. When everyone was seated in the church, the whole place was quiet. I think you could definitely hear a pin drop. The quiet sound of the church, and not hearing the furnace or cooling plan running was certainly driving me crazy. I thought I was going to lose my mind, and I even left the church in the middle of the service. It’s a really bad thing, that I can’t stand to be in silence. Maybe there is more than one reason that certainly causes these issues. The best things for noise is the heating and cooling plan, because it runs effortlessly in the background. It is a low noise that keeps the silence breaking up around me.

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