Last week, my partner and I had our maintenance and repair scheduled to be done, on our air conditioning unit.  We make sure to have the air conditioner tuned-up on a regular basis. We don’t use our furnace very often, but we have some pretty hot weather in the summer and our air conditioner tends to run the entire time.  By the time May rolls around, we are beginning to get temperature in the upper eighties and that’s is a low right up until October. The humidity can be a real killer. We need our air conditioner and to not have it running, would make for a very uncomfortable and miserable summer for us.  We called to have the HVAC company send someone out to do our annual inspections. When the HVAC tech arrived, he headed right out to the air conditioning unit. He did all of the inspections that needed done, and I even saw him do some minor repairs. At one point, he took his phone out and laid it on the air conditioning unit.  The next day, I was outside cleaning the pool and I heard a phone ringing. Mine was sitting on the patio table, and I knew it wasn’t mine. I found the HVAC technician’s phone, still sitting on the air conditioning unit. I called the HVAC company and I told them that I had found the technicians phone. Within a couple of hours, I had a very grateful HVAC technician knocking on my door, so he could retrieve his phone.  

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