My wife and I adore our kids, but it has absolutely become time for them to move away from our cozy cottage. The people I was with and myself have unquestionably been prepared for this feet for many years. Unfortunately, both kids are still sleeping in the upstairs bedroom just like they were 15. When the people I was with and myself were teenagers, we were gleeful to get a place of our own and start to make rules of Our Own. Absolutely doesn’t seem like either one of our children are interested in making a life for themselves. The people I was with and myself don’t want to tell them to leave, so we have slowly been adjusting the weather conditions control equipment. The people I was with and myself are the only people who have the passcode to our smart temperature control equipment. In order for the kids to change the temperature, they have to ask for the passcode or tell us they want to adjust the temperature. They hardly ever do this, because the people I will absolutely complain whenever the weather conditions control equipment is set below 70 degrees. I absolutely feel like it’s time for the people I was with and myself to live alone, especially since our kids are both old enough to drink beer. It’s absolutely time for them to go to the world and lead a life of their own. Hopefully these youngsters will learn quickly what it means to be an adult and take care of life’s problems.