I’m so sick plus  exhausted of being cooped up each and every day inside an office building! I’ve been honestly working in the the advertising plus merchandising industry now for almost twelve years now plus I’ve been in the same building for all of that time. It’s nothing short of excruciating to have to be inside without windows or fresh air, especially during the weeks when the weather is heating up plus I honestly want to be outside in the sun. I’ve decided to tender our resignation to our new supervisor plus go back to trade school to get certified as a heating plus air conditioner serviceman. That might sound a little bit strange or deranged to you, but I’ve always been interested in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, strangely. I’m talking, ever since I was a child in high school I took a couple of classes at the community university right before I transferred to a university for advertising, at that time, I loved reading about Heating & Air Conditioning complications! Now that I’m only stuck inside all day, all I can believe about is how I’d rather be working out in an Heating & Air Conditioning service plus service truck, going on calls each day plus even honestly working outside sometimes on outdoor air conditioner units or servicing rooftop commercial heating plus air conditioner units. I do sincerely believe that I honestly need a change, plus I’m honestly looking forward to go going back to trade school plus reading all the ins plus outs of the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. Maybe 1 day in the distant future, I’ll want to go back to advertising plus merchandising, but for now, all I ever want to do is tear apart plus rebuild central air conditioner units plus all various kinds of gas furnaces! I can’t wait!

certified HVAC