Keeping up with the Joneses simply means that you want more than anything to have whatever your neighbors have gotten. Even if you don’t need it, you still want it just because they have it, plus of course you want to remain on their “level” of success. It is really foolish for everyone, of course, plus yet periodically I still fall prey to it. Why on earth do I invest in these stupid things, only to realize I did it for the status plus not at all because I really wanted it. It happened a few years ago with the hot tub, which I honestly hardly ever use, plus it happened again recently with these radiant radiant floors which I had installed. The worst part is that the floor based heating proposal easily cost many thousand dollars. The upside is that it was made just a little cheaper for us because I already had a strong enough heating pump as a part of the hot tub. That ridiculous hot tub ended up being useful after all, because i could use the device for fully heating the water that powers the flooring! Radiant heated floors generating their warmth by hot water pipes that work to transfer heat up through the floorboards. It was lucky break, because I already feel plenty ripped off enough for buying these radiant floors, how much worse would it have been also if I had to buy the heating pump as well? I only got these stupid floors installed a few weeks ago because our acquaintance Jim said it was the best heating proposal on the entire market. I have come to find out that Jim is a heating salesman in town, which explains a lot.