The last time that our HVAC equipment was maintenanced, the owner of the place came to perform the service! My spouse & I were surprised to see the owner performing rudimentary HVAC tune-ups! Turned out he was going to be retiring at the end of the year, then he was servicing all of the purchasers, so he could thank each individual person for their service over the years. He also wanted to tell everyone that his supplier would be closing at the end of the year. My spouse & I were upset to see him retire, however happy to see someone follow their dreams, then last time the HVAC equipment of ours was maintenanced, happened to be almost 3 months and 2 weeks ago. My spouse & I completely forgot that our provider would be retired, by the time our next appointment would be scheduled… When we called the HVAC supplier to make an appointment, the supplier was already closed for several weeks. They listed the number of a modern brand new HVAC provider, in case we needed someone quick. My spouse & I decided to take some time to make our decision, since we were choosing a whole modern new corporation, we thought it might be necessary to perform some research, however both of us wanted to check supplier ratings & client reviews, before choosing a modern provider for our important HVAC needs. That is the same process that lead us to our last provider, & we stayed with them until the person fully retired. Both of us expect the same quality & maintenance from our next HVAC provider. It will be interesting.

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