When I was a kid, I remember it was hard to find a place in town that had air conditioning. Even most homes didn’t have them yet. After eating my fill of popsicles, I was clueless about what else I could possibly do to get cooled off, even though there was no school for the next 3 months, I hated summer season; Then, I discovered there was a new movie theater in town. It opened up right across the street from the other theater, and everyone thought they were not going to survive. That is, until the sign went up that said “we have a/c.” Some people in our town did not even know what in the world that meant, as they never experienced a/c before, well, let me tell you for sure, I then knew what I was going to do to cool off. Luckily for me, and for my mother, the theater provided daytime summer season films just for kids, and for the purchase price of a ticket, I could get in there and really love and enjoy that HVAC unit. Also, my mom, at the same time, could get some peace and quiet without worrying about where I was. The air conditioning in the movie theater made that place the most popular place in town. Adults would even go to the movies just to enjoy the air conditioning on a hot summer day. It didn’t make much difference what was on the screen so long as the air conditioning was in fact working. The theater with the a/c charged much more currency for a ticket, however that did not stop people, and by the next summer season, the other theater also got an a/c system installed, and that is when the ticket price began to make a greater difference and who went where.

ductless cooling