Well, you can add me to the long list of people whose livelihood has been saved by a tiny digital instrument. No, I’m not referring to a taser in an instance of self-defense, or anything like that. What I’m referring to is my home’s Wi-Fi thermostat! I initially made the investment in a thermostat like this after my regular HVAC worker suggested it to me. He swore by the one he has, and said that you never like being able to adjust your home’s indoor air temperature as much as you do once you can do it! A little confusing at first, I understood exactly what he meant once I “joined the team” by picking up a digital thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities. A few days after I picked up the digital thermostat, I went out of town for a few days to attend a conference for work. While I was gone, I checked the temperature in my house, and was surprised to see how cold it was only days after I left! I knew we were anticipating a cold snap, but this was a cold cold snap! I swiftly adjusted the temperature to have the gas furnace kick into action and raise the temperature in the house to a safer 55 degrees, compared to the frigid temperature that was shown on the thermostat when I first looked at the app on my iPhone! I was thankful for thinking to check on that thermostat when I did. If the entire day had passed with cold and colder temperatures present in my home, any number of tragedies could’ve happened! Not only would all of my plants inside have been killed by the chilling temperature setting, but the water pipes in my house could’ve burst and caused untold damage to the house. Like I said, I’m just thankful to have this device – I might not still have a house with solid integrity if I didn’t!

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