I have been gardening for years now.  I live in the south where I always have some kind of plants growing.  I nurture my flowers and keep them beautiful for many months. There isn’t a season that goes by where I can’t find some kind of vegetable to grow.  When my husband told me that the got a new job, I was excited and thrilled. He was going to be making twice as much money. He told me that we had to  move up north, and I wasn’t as happy. I wondered what I was going to do with my gardening. I knew the growing season was really short in the north. He understand my position and he called the realtor to tell her what we were looking for and that it had to have a new HVAC system.  He told her we needed enough room in the backyard to be able to have a greenhouse. When we went to look at the first house, I fell in love. I spent two hours going through the house and looking for some kind of imperfection. Then I went into the backyard. There was the prettiest part of the house.  It had a full-sized greenhouse and it was complete with its own HVAC system. I could picture the snow flying all around me and I would be harvesting tomatoes and peas in my greenhouse, thanks to the furnace. I would always have fresh flowers, and fresh vegetable, that wouldn’t be possible without a furnace.  I thought this was amazing, and I asked my husband if we could put an offer in on the house.

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