When I bought my bearded dragon lizard, Artie, I made sure that I had a large tank and heat lights for him.  The pet store owner gave me a book that told me all bearded dragons and what their requirements were to keep them healthy.  When winter was there, I had the heat turned up to seventy and Artie was happily running around the house. He found out that there is one spot in front of the refrigerator where the floor is always warmer.  It is where the exhaust blow out. I could find him lying there, quite often. When the weather began to get warmer again, I knew that I was going to need to turn on the air conditioning. I felt really bad, thinking the Artie would have to be in his tank more often, so he could have the heat lamp on him.  I thought about turning off the air conditioning for a couple of hours, to give him time to run around the house and have a good time, but I really wasn’t ready to give up my comfort. I lived in the southeast. I did decide to put screen all around my porch. There was no way anything could get in, so I knew Artie wasn’t going to get out.  The sun shined on the porch most of the day and it would be hot and a good, safe place for him to run around. I had my air conditioning and Artie had his heat. I’m glad we are both able to be comfortable at the same time.

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