I have been blessed in my life to travel too many different countries throughout the world.  I’ve seen things that many people have only dreamed of and been able to experience life from many different cultures. Because of these opportunities I am very careful in my furniture choices for my home. I never want the standard, run of the mill pieces that can be found in either big box stores or large furniture display rooms. I much prefer the European style of furnishings and, even though they may cost more, I am willing to save the money to purchase them. Throughout Europe many of the homes are decorated with final pieces of wood work that include beautiful carvings and even marble accents. You can just feel the craftsmanship as you sit on a beautifully upholstered couch or look around the room at the rich woodwork that abounds. I love the fact that even if my roommate didn’t have a spectacular view of the landscape, I always had a beautiful one in the room where I was staying. I took many pictures of the way places were decorated because I knew that one day I would want my home to look just as beautiful. There are a couple of pieces that I know I will never be able to find here in the states and purchase, but one day, I hope you take the photo of them to a carpenter and see if they can be built for me.  I know that that might be a costly venture but I feel that it is worth the expense. Especially if it reminds me of the old world charm I was able to experience years ago.

european couches