My take on life is to always live it as simply as possible.  I don’t like doing things unless I have to. I work long, hard hours and I just want to relax when I get home.  I don’t have a family yet, and I have chosen not to have pets for that reason. I don’t want the responsibility of needing to care for anything or anyone but myself.  I did get a fish tank with a couple of fish. A few sprinkles of food every day and a half hour cleaning session on the weekends, and that is all the care they need. I don’t need a lot of heating or air conditioning, and I tend to not turn on either until I really mind it.  I never thought about how this would affect my fish until I got up one morning and saw one of them doing a backstroke. I took the temperature of the water, and I knew it was a lot too cold. I had noticed they were sluggish, but I never thought of it as having been from the lack of heat, but now I knew.  It was time to either buy a heater for the tank, or to turn up the thermostat. I opted to turn up the thermostat knowing that too much heat wasn’t good for the fish, any more than not enough heat was good for them. I felt that by turning up my thermostat, the heat from the room would permeate into the tank.  It was the radiant heating effect that I was looking for. It was also going to be cheaper to turn up the thermostat and I needed the heat too.

oil heater