It can be crazy sometimes, when you go to a new place of business.  I was offered a job paying twice as much working for an HVAC corporation, a new one. I currently work at one as an HVAC specialist and have been for the last 25 years. It’s a good job, but of course, there are those who are always going to argue over the bill and some who will not be too happy when you tell them their Heating and Air Conditioning needs to be updated, but it all balances out.  I was asked to be the master supplier for this new Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. I had givin it a lot of thought and I entirely considered taking the task. The extra money would have been a large help for me and my family. My wifey could quit her job and work from home. We sat down and went online to do more research about the dealer. It had a lot of positive reviews, however I began to notice that 90% of the reviews had to do with the competency and friendliness of the Heating and Air Conditioning techs.  I was hoping this had something to do with the ownership, however I still wasn’t totally sure. Then I found some negative reviews. The corporation didn’t follow through with their service agreements a lot and the corporation charged the purchaser for a full service. I didn’t in any way want to work for a Heating and Air Conditioning corporation that ripped off their buyers. My wifey is still actually working her job, and I am staying put where I am!

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