Really, I love my daughter. She makes good money and does her job.  She idly does her paperwork and she doesn’t think anything about it.  Once you get her home, then she falls apart. She can’t even read the recipes that she has written down.  She switches sugar for salt all the time. You get what i’m saying. She called me up in a panic the other day.  She had forgot to call the HVAC business and have them come out and do the yearly inspection on her furnace. She could see it beginning to snow from her office window, and she knew it had to be done right away.  I told her to calm down, and I would take care of it. I called the HVAC business for her and they told me that if someone were going to be home, then they could entirely come over that day. She went into panic freak out mode again, when I called her back.  I told her the HVAC business was available that afternoon, if there was someone going to be at home. She said that the kids were in school and her partner was fully working, and I said I would go to the old house for her. Right away, she flipped because the door was locked and I reminded her she had given me a key.  I laughed when she said that she had no clue where the furnace was. I told her how much I liked her and I hung up on her.

furnace tune up