When most kids move out, their mom and dad help them get settled by providing some household necessities.  They usually buy housewarming gifts, such as towels, a plunger, and even small appliances, like a toaster, microwave and coffee maker. Since I’m prone to disaster, my mom made sure to buy me a fire extinguisher when I first moved out.  The fire extinguisher sat in my kitchen, unused, for a year and half. The first year after I moved, the Winter season was especially cold and uncomfortable. I soon realized the house didn’t have a gas furnace or any form of heating installed.   I was prepared this year. I bought myself a combined heating and cooling unit for my living room and a space heater to keep the kitchen warm. These components were necessary as the temperature began to drop outside. This little space heater was a disaster. After stepping out of the shower last week, I went into the kitchen because that room is always nice and warm because of the space heater.  I tossed my towel to the side. It happened to land right in front of the space heater. The towel ended up pressed against the metal grate. No noticing the fire hazard I had created, I went about my daily tasks. The scent of smoke alerted me to a problem. The towel had caught on fire from the contact with the space heater! I remembered my fire extinguisher! I was able to put out the fire. I then made sure the space heater was in a good distance away from any potential hazards.  I called my mom to let her know the fire extinguisher had come in handy. I may need to invest in a safer method of heating the kitchen.

space heater