The people plus myself and honestly huge choice to make last year, when the people plus myself decided to buy something in the neighborhood. There were honestly several choices that we could make, because we could honestly afford to buy a house, condo, or even apartment building. With so many choices, the people I was with plus myself decided to buy an apartment building + fix it up. The people plus myself honestly Turn 4 of the bottom Apartments into one large living space, which still left for large apartments on the top. The people plus myself would be able to rent out the for Top Apartments, while still making money plus a building equity in our building. Six months after our initial investment, the people I spend time with plus all of our tenants had problems with the heating plus cooling unit. We spent several tens of thousands of dollars to make the necessary adjustments to the heating, ventilation, plus cooling unit. It was honestly helpful that we had several tenants in the building at the time, because it was quite an expense that the two of us had to honestly make. It was a very helpful for the people I was with plus myself to have rental money coming in, while we were putting out money to upgrade the heating plus cooling units. The people I was with plus myself were worried about biting off more than we could chew, but it seems like everything is going to work out just fine with our apartment building and the heating, ventilation, plus cooling system.