I truly love playing pranks on my friends, however I never do anything mean or overly destructive. I do tend to pull stunts that can irritate the individual I’m pranking after it’s done more than twice though. I have an ongoing list in my head, which has all of the best pranks I’ve pulled off on my friends. There was a single time where I filled my roommate’s washroom mirror with candy, & his reaction was to die for so I had to do it again! Like I said, I don’t do anything that could end in some sort of injury… However I admit, a single prank did go kind of far. One of my friends invested in a smart thermostat for his residence. It’s this cool update from a normal digital thermostat, as you can link your smartphone up to the thermostat using an app & control the temperature of the residence without getting up. It’s also cool because it can track your heating & cooling preferences, & build a schedule for running the oil furnace & the air conditioner machine as a result. It was a rather nifty addition to my buddy’s residence – & naturally, it was a great pranking tool! All I had to do was download the app used for controlling the thermostat. Then I pretended like I was just looking at my friend’s thermostat, when I was actually learning the code on the thermostat that allowed me to gain access! Once I was in, I started playing with the temperature settings like crazy. I made the thermostat jump up & down from over 80 degrees to a frigid forty degrees. I was laughing like crazy and my friend was getting aggravated, & couldn’t figure out why the machine was acting up out of nowhere. Then things got a little heated – not because of the temperature setting, but because my good friend became so frustrated with the thermostat that he actually punched it with a lot of strength! He managed to crack the screen, & now the thermostat is totally locked with only myself remaining as an administrator that can access the machine. Talk about adding insult to injury, right?

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