The weather lately has been nothing short of bizarre, though it always is this time of year! Autumn means cooler weather but it also means hurricanes, which can come up the coast to us here in the northeast… The remnants of the last hurricane hit hard enough here that we had tropical storm force winds, which are houses are not built to stand up against; Our trees here also more prone to splitting in winds of that caliber, so, we’ve been raking leaves plus moving big downed limbs from out of our driveway and the rest of our yard. After every storm, the first thing I do is go outside to check the condenser… I’ve had this central A/C component closed and wrapped for about a month now, but the strong winds always make me nervous. I worry that the wrap will come off and expose the condenser to debris, or worse–a big tree limb will come down to crush it. So far we’ve been lucky, just a few small branches, and the condenser wrap remains intact. Storm destruction is also why I always have my Heating plus Air Conditioning plan professionally closed plus taken care of. Twice a year, our furnace and AC get tuned up and cleaned out, making any small repairs that our needed so the two of us don’t have any major plan failure. That way, my heating plus cooling plan also stays within the incredibly fine print of the insurance warranty. I sleep a lot easier through the big storms knowing that if something does crush my condenser, at least its insured.

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