The time period I grew up in was way better than the one now. I grew up where parents let kids run wild. There were no seatbelts, helmets for bikes and no toy was banned for hurting the child. Parents were way more relaxed. Now if I grew up, I would have had a horrifically boring childhood. Back then, things were a lot better. My older brother Quin worked crowd control at rock events, and Quin would often take myself and my brother John to work with him. Quin would stick myself and John on the walk over the stage and let myself and John watch the rock concert while he punched the rowdy drunks. That sort of thing would get my brother Quin arrested from child abuse these day, but back then it was nothing short of fun for us boys! The concert hall wasn’t too huge, but they had an air conditioning system machine over the catwalk which seemed as pressing as anything to me. I would kneel on the side of the platform watching the show and allowing that kind of AC pour down over me… Sometimes the Heating and A/C proposal ran so much it got noisy. It then would drown out the sound of the rock event, but usually it was just right for me and John. I got to thinking about the old afternoons recently, because that same exact concert hall called my Heating and A/C service supplier for a quote on a new air conditioner device.

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