I decided to go to the beach with my friends the other week. It was such a blazing hot day, but we had some fun out there in the water anyway! I even did a little bit of skimboarding on the shoreline. We did wear sunscreen, but it did practically nothing. We should have have been using a stronger brand, because we all got sunburned! When we got to the car, we cranked the a/c up in the car all the way back home. We had to keep rubbing aloe on our sunburns as we had the a/c blasting, and we decided to make use of our smart temperature control, too. Before we even got home, we adjusted the climate control system to an extra cold setting. When we arrived home, it was nice and cold in the house! It entirely was much cooler than we normally would be able to tolerate, but it felt therapeutic with our sunburns in mind. We relaxed right under the Heating and A/C vents, and just kept applying aloe vera! We entirely had a fantastic time at the beach, but we are going to need a legitimately high spf sunblock next time. I don’t understand the point of sun lotion that is so weak! What’s the point if you’re only going to get sunburned anyway, you know? I suppose it could have been worse. If we weren’t wearing any at all, we would have blisters and god knows what else! Seriously, I can’t wait for these sunburns to heal. I’m thankful for our excellent cooling system, too. Otherwise, I don’t suppose how we could handle the pain!