We’ve all got one of those people we know that has to “one-up” everyone so to speak. You know the type – they always have the best car for one reason or another, and they always know the most about whatever you’re talking about, as irritating as this kind of person can be, I like the friend in my people who acts the most like this, his name is Larry, and his constant desire to be better than the rest of us often ends in humiliation, both hilarious and sad… See, Larry recently invested in a ductless mini-split system for his garage, as he’s using that as his recreational room area. He already had a pool table, dart boards, tons of old arcade games and a small bar setup, however he was still missing the excellent air quality he needed to convince us to come over to his place to hang out; Let’s be fair – you could have the coolest arcade in your basement, however I’m not going in there if there’s no nice air conditioner! Anyway, Larry made a wise decision in using a ductless mini-split system to cool his garage down. This component is perfect for cooling large, singular rooms, and can also provide heating functions too! Best of all, there’s no ductwork involved. Larry simply needed to install the outside compressor and condenser unit, run the cables and piping through a hole in the wall, and connect it all to the air handler on the inside of his garage, however when we all agreed to come over, Larry bragged endlessly about how he installed it all by himself! I would be impressed, however Larry bragged enough to make me say he was being excessive. I give him credit though – even if the system is easy to install, kudos up to him for having it installed all on his own!