I recently went on vacation to a distant carribbean island. It was a pretty nice vacation once I got there, but the weather was about the same as it is where I live. I knew it would be hot when I wanted to really and truly enjoy the outdoor activities, but major thing I never realized was that it would be hot inside as well, and you see, I discovered that various and assorted places in the world don’t use air conditioning nearly as much as every one of us do here where I am, but as Americans, & especially as southerners in the US, every single last one of us use so much air conditioning! This was worst, in my opinion, in the airport. I could not believe it one bit when I got off the plane & walked into the airport only to discover that there was absolutely no air conditioning being used, the control component thermostat in that airport hat to be at least 98 degrees! It was just irritating to say the least. I needed to go through immigration & customs, which meant long, slow lines, here I was, a person of a particular age & a particular weight, & I could not even have any air conditioning at the airport… By the time I needed to go through the actual scanner, I was so covered in sweat & overheated that I set off the scanner alarm & suffer through an inspection… No matter how terrible your country is, if you are going to allow tourists, you should have air conditioning in your airport. Just plain and simple!

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