I was having some trouble with my air conditioning unit last week.  I knew I had to call the HVAC company to have them come out and look at it, but I was hoping to get the assessment for free.  I went through all of the local HVAC companies that had website and I did a thorough perusal. I found one company that would give me the free inspection and they had hours that would work with my weird work schedule.  I called the one company and I told them what I needed. I said my air conditioning wasn’t functioning properly, but I would like to know what was wrong, before I approved the scope of work. I also only had one day off that week and I wanted the earliest appointment they could give me for that day.  I wanted to spend the day with my boyfriend, who also had a weird work schedule. I was shocked when they offered to be there by 8AM. The next day, I was patiently waiting to see the HVAC work van pull up to my house. There was no sign nor a call from the HVAC company at 10AM. I was getting very upset and at 10:30 I phoned the HVAC company.  I told them their technician had not shown up and I was given a story about being caught in a traffic jam. I only knew that no one had called to give me a heads up and my time is precious. They sent another HVAC technician out and he was there by 11AM. He not only inspected my air conditioner, but he had it repaired in half an hour.

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