When we bought a current house, for the longest time I wanted to do something special with the garage. I thought it would be fabulous to have a nice man-cave or venue to entertain guests! Sure the home was great, but that garage definitely had potential! I really didn’t want to just park our cars in the garage. And to be honest, we had plenty of room in the driveway, so it wasn’t necessary. Some people said that I should leave the cars in the garage at least in the Winter season because it protects the cars from the elements. That’s not what I had in mind though. I decided to beginning fixing up the garage. I hooked up a nice entertainment part with a bar, a ping pong table, plus a dartboard. The ping pong table was perfect because we could play beer pong also! Well the only thing that was missing was a good Heating plus A/C system. I entirely wasn’t sure what kind of Heating plus A/C plan to get plus I wasn’t really sure if I needed to install ductwork or not. I decided to call up the Heating plus A/C company plus they sent out an Heating plus A/C specialist for a free assessment. The Heating plus A/C specialist was a really cool young guy plus he said he knew exactly what the venue needed. He said the best Heating plus A/C for the garage would be a ductless mini-split system! I didn’t even suppose what that was, however he explained that it didn’t require any ductwork plus it was a really efficient system. He said that a lot of the energy is actually lost in ductwork systems, but the ductless mini split sends the treated air straight into the part without any energy loss whatsoever, meaning energy savings! I was for it, so I had the ductless mini-split hooked up plus we were good to go!

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