Have you ever rode on a tour bus for a singer or band? It’s a mind blowing experience, that’s for sure; For a short time in my life, I worked with some well-known bands as a photographer; I was supposed to take casual, candid photos of the band members on the bus, before a show, and of course, photos of them performing in concert. Aside from the constant glitz and glamour you see surrounding bands on tour, there’s things that no amount of money or fame can prevent! I still remember this one time, when I was on the tour bus with this band that had come all the way down south for a rock festival. They were northern kids, so the heat of the South was practically unbearable for them. At one point, the bus started to get pretty hot indoors, and I noticed as I took photos that pretty much everyone in the band – and on the bus itself – were starting to look pretty greasy and sweaty. I thought someone must’ve fiddled with the air conditioner setting on the bus, so I evaluated the onboard thermostat. According to the thermostat, it was only seventy-two degrees on the bus. There was no way that’s true! Even as a southerner myself, I knew it was absolutely warmer than that. Half an hour later, we had to stop the bus at a rest stop and walk around in a little convenience store just to get some air conditioning! We called a local repair business that could work on the HVAC device installed on a mobile RV or bus, and they showed up surprisingly fast! After the professional went on the bus, we waited patiently for him to return with good news. About half an hour later, he said he managed to get it actually working by recharging the refrigerant for the air conditioner on our bus. We were elated! The band came out of the rest stop to meet the guy that saved the day for them, and promptly had to pick the guy up from the floor. As it turns out, that service professional was a big fan!

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