I really love my ice cream!  It’s funny how something as easy as ice cream can trigger some really weird memories.  As a kid, we all couldn’t afford to buy ice cream in the carton. Our parents would let us take turns, resting out on the porch, and cranking the ice cream freezer. Finally dad would declare that it was hard enough. Mom would gently lift the lid and scoop the ice cream out into our dishes. I then remembered that this consistently happened in the Wintertime.  It takes a lot of ice to make ice cream. We all would go down to pull the ice off the rock face of the mountain my family lived on. We would come back with a sizable bag full of ice, so mom and dad could start the ice cream. I don’t remember being freezing as we did this labor of love. I don’t remember worrying about if the heating system was warm enough.  I don’t remember squabbling over having to crank the ice cream. I just remember us all hanging and smiling as every single one of us loved the cold, sweet confection that every single one of us all helped to make. Now, it seems that no one wants ice cream anymore unless it is warm summer season time. You sit around in your air conditioned kitchen to eat your ice cream. I don’t see the fun of resting in the a/c as well as eating store obtained ice cream.  Maybe it is because of my memories, however nothing I appreciate more than Wintertime and icicles. This really makes me want ice cream more. To me, the sound of the heating system, the icicles as well as the ice cream, are all synonymous as one!

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