My dad & I live on totally different ends of the country & each of us live on different schedules. He gets up super early to go job at a candy factory, while I job from lake condo & am often up late on a publishing deadline for another book I am working on, so each one of us don’t get to catch up on the phone all that often, & every one of us see eachother even less, but it’s funny how my dad has become the main person in my text conversations. He is also the one who messages me the most often. Every once in a while we’ll see something care about an old car or a cute puppy & tell them, other times we just send random photos with no explanation for them. Some of our photo chats are space of a game, which no one gets except us, but recently, every one of us have a current one called Guess What’s Inside The Condenser; My dad will text myself and others with clues, & I’ll try to guess before he sends me the photo. Since hurricane season is nearing its most active, my dad has to scrub the condenser for the AC equipment almost once every few days. Keeping the condenser up to date & clear of debris insures that the central AC system is working its best. So far the strangest thing he’s pulled out was a weird type of industrial tie, that apparently belonged to a farm a few streets over. It had someone gotten inside the equipment & nearly wrapped around the condenser fan blades. My dad works extra hard to make sure the AC works perfectly so my mom is never uncomfortable. I’m just blissful every one of us have our own fun out of it too, so doing so all the time is less of a bore.

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