The people in my home and a lot of my friends really look forward to Autumn. The people I spend time with and more than one of my friends always look forward to the changing of the leaves. We have several different types of trees in our neighborhood, like large spruce trees, Elm trees, and some sprawling red Maples. All of these trees have leaves that change to beautifully different colors. There are often Hues of red, orange, and even lime green. The changing of the leaves marks the time when the people I was with and myself have our annual furnace inspection. When the leaves start to change, it usually signifies a time when the temperatures are about to change for the cold. The people I was with and myself have our furnace inspected during this time, in order to be sure it will work perfectly for winter seasonal weather. The people I was with and myself have an older oil furnace, so we certainly try to have it inspected yearly. In order for the furnace to continue working well, the people I was with and myself have had to change a couple of belts and make some adjustments to the electrical connections. The leaves outside normally change around the middle of October, but it’s currently the beginning of September, and I can already see some of the elm tree leaves changing to an orangish hue. Winter might come a few weeks early this year, so it’s important that the people I was with and myself are well prepared for the winter weather.

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