I adore when the town fair happens every Summer right before the year starts back up. There is consistently so much to do there! Being from a pretty small town such as I am, it’s rather nice to have something to do in the Summer other than just going to a buddies condo or playing basketball at the local YMCA. The only thing that is not so fun about the county fair is how annoyed the heat can be! During the afternoon there is no protection from the intense heat plus humidity other than an occasional fan or shade. There are no cooling systems to be found anywhere near the locale. The only cooling system on the entire fairgrounds is in the mens plus ladies restroom. Because of this, you will find dozens and dozens of people standing in a line hoping to get into the powder room for a chance to cool off. During the busiest times of the afternoon, the line can stretch fifty feet long! It wasn’t until a single of the last nights of the fair until I had a genius idea. Instead of fighting plus scrapping for a chance to lounge in the powder room cooling system, I brought a mini portable cooling component with me! It was such a relief to have some cold plus crisp air on myself and my buddies for a change. I sure am going to miss the Summer season, plus I truly don’t want to head back to school. Yet next Summer when the fair comes around, I will be prepared with my portable cooling system unit.

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