My children are currently going through a bit of a mini war… However last week, we confirmed that we are moving into a new coastal home. This beach house is really large plus attractive, we literally cannot wait until moving day. The dilemma is but, that throughout the beach house there is a radiant heater. Living in the north, this is a pretty big luxury. With that being said, there is only two rooms in the beach house that come with radiant heated flooring. My partner and I are obviously getting the first one, yet our four teenagers are currently battling for the other room. They are doing everything in the book to suck up to us as much as possible. One of the teenagers started taking out the trash which is something she has never done. Then another one is taking it upon himself to scrub out the air ducts in the heating and cooling plan multiple times a week; I bet he is saving myself and my partner a nice load of money now that we don’t have to call my local heating and air conditioning repair services to come do it. With all of the teenagers wanting the room, plus all of them sucking up, I assume that I am going to just have to choose who gets the room the old fashioned way. A coin toss! I am sure they are going to dislike myself and my partner for a while, but it’s the only way that is 100% fair! I am going to miss all of the free labor once we finally settle into our new beach home.

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