I recently did some research into smart temperature controls and the several features and benefits.  The more complex the technology, the greater the cost savings on weekly heating and cooling bills. Even the most basic programmable temperature control offers at least 15% cost savings on utility bills.  The more extravagant and intricate models can trim upwards of 20%, which can swiftly reclaim the initial expense. A wireless temperature control provides far greater control over the operation of the heating and cooling equipment.  WIFI connectivity allows adjustments through an app on a smartphone, PC, tablet or any other component that’s fastened to the internet. The temperature control easily comes in handy when our family heads off on a trip. Rushing around, packing up the kids, it’s common to forget to set the temperature control to away mode before leaving the house.  I can then log into the app, and easily adjust the programming. I no longer need to worry about wasting energy while the apartment is empty. Plus, I am also able to set alerts and get notified if the apartment gets too sizzling or cold. I get text if the indoor temperature fluctuates, which can save me from the water pipes becoming frozen and bursting.  I get periodic notifications for maintenance requirements, such as air conditioning filter changes and professional upkeep. I not only save energy and cash, however minimize the workload and wear and tear on the heating and air conditioning system. Hopefully the heating and cooling system will last longer and experience fewer malfunctions. The temperature control even tracks the energy usage and creates helpful reports.  These reports offer greater option to maximize efficiency and reduce costs even further.

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