I had a ton of people on their way over to our household when hastily our a/c stopped working. I don’t really know if it was because the a/c device had been working harder all morning due to our oven being on or what the case was. I only know for certain that the temperature was 80 degrees and climbing inside. I called our Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation up and agreed to whatever emergency rates they mentioned. I didn’t even listen, I just told them to get here asap. I then opened all of the windows and turned on the ceiling fans, however the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist showed up just as the guests started arriving. By the time almost everyone had arrived, it was getting entirely tepid inside the household. The guests made light of the situation although I could tell they were not very comfortable. Then, just as I put the food on the table, the a/c kicked back on! All of the guests cheered. I was unquestionably ecstatic. I even invited the HVAC specialist to eat with us. After some persuasion, she agreed. I found out over brunch that the specialist was absolutely the owner of the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation, and she had come out special to service our air conditioning device because she didn’t have anyone else to send on such short notice. She didn’t end up charging me an emergency repair fee either, but needless to say, hers is the only Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation I will use from this point moving forward. It is funny how the poor luck of our a/c device going out just before a big gathering turned out to be a fantastic thing. I made a new associate and now have a corporation I honestly believe I can rely on.

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