When we moved into our new home, er suddenly owned a historic place and that included a very old HVAC system.  Of course, until we had time to schedule the necessary HVAC repair, we turned on the air conditioning just long enough to understand the fact that our indoor air quality was not good.  So we turned off the air conditioning for the time being and wait for the HVAC company out to our house. We were glad when the repairman came out to perform the much-needed HVAC tune-up.  What we didn’t realize until the day of the appointment was the fact that there were large tears holes in the ductwork in the attic. This would definitely explain the foul musty smell that we had experienced when we first turned the system on. The air conditioning tech set about replacing and repairing our mangled ductwork.  I thought since we were getting the HVAC tune-up, that it would also be a perfect time to add a couple of air purification unit to our climate control arsenal. Once all of these repairs and additions were made our indoor air quality would vastly improve. The HVAC technician also made sure to give us all the options when it came to the various filters that were available for our newly updated system.  He we came to a decision he suggested that we order enough for the upcoming year. This would eliminate any chance of us not replacing it when needed. We couldn’t be happier with all the choices we made and I would definitely recommend that any families with kids, pets, or other odor causing things in their home to upgrade with an air purifier too.