Oliver recently decided to add another bathroom to his home. Oliver had saved up enough currency to make the updates, and wanted some help selecting the common business for each task. Since Trent works with the City Planning Commission, I asked Trent to help with the process. My friend Oliver needed help finding an HVAC business. The last time they had work done at the house, they were not entirely  okay with the professional manner of their HVAC business. My friend Trent was finally working for a local plumbing dealer, so they already had a plumbing business lined up. My friend Oliver took a few afternoons to search through the HVAC company. He even took the time to contact those companies and ask what style of prices they could offer. I recognize he got a much better cost from the HVAC business, because he was the 1 to call the total project was completed a few weeks ago, and I recognize everything looks wonderful. The results have particularly changed the entire recognize of that side of our parents house. My folks are satisfied with the work, and the HVAC business was professional and friendly. The HVAC business finished his portion of the job, on time and within budget. My brother in law, on the other hand, went 1 week behind schedule while I was in the total project. My friend still complains about the plumbing work. I try to remind our friends that all of the plumbing work was done at price.