I always thought indoor air quality was a costly thing that people used to describe a snooty temperature pattern. I never thought about the air quality in our whole loft at all, until lately, I did not even think a single moment about the air that we breathe every single moment of the afternoon. I ended up with a bad case of breathing issues, that lingered on for 6 weeks. After the 2nd week, the doctor suggested that I do something to help the air quality in our loft. The doctor suggested talking to me about getting a better quality air filter. The doctor gave myself and others with some info and papers on air quality & its effects on our health & breathing passages. After I left the doctor’s place, I sat in the parking lot & study through the papers. I decided the easiest route to go on, would be to change our cooling filter. The current washable filters that are inside of our Heating plus A/C method are legitimately cheap & not good. I walked a few blocks over to the city store, & purchased a much more effective air filter. This HEPA filter was made to improve air quality by 99%. It felt much tighter than any air filter I had used in the past. The HEPA filter helps relieve some of our symptoms,. I did not feel any real relief, until I obtained an whole-loft air purifier to use in our residing room at night. The whole-loft air purifier has really improved the air quality in our main quarters too.

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