As a new homeowner, I am discovering that I gain delight in almost everything that I am planning regarding my new dwelling.  Of course, as I’m planning in addition to designing my new dwelling, what I should be focusing on is making the mortgage payment, however that’s for another day.  For now, a few weeks before closing, I’m looking online for a/c energy saving tips. I read that there are plenty of ways to improve the efficiency of your dwelling’s A/C.  For instance, turning on the ceiling fan will make you feel quite a bit cooler, in addition to the cost of using the fan is slight. Also, you should close the blinds in addition to curtains in your dwelling so the sunlight does not heat up the interior of your home in addition to make your a/c continue to come on, trying to cool the dwelling.  That little energy saving tip is online, however it almost goes separate from saying that the air conditioner would keep trying to cool the dwelling unless you block that sunlight in addition to heat to help lower the demands put on your central air conditioner. More energy saving tips continue however the writer of the article seems determined to make me understand that I won’t save much unless the air conditioner appliance is running at peak efficiency.  A further list of energy saving tips speak about the need to keep all shrubs, tree branches, or anything Mother Nature has to offer away from the outside air conditioner appliance. At least 2 feet away in fact, in addition to it’s always smart to change that air conditioner filter at least every 3 months.

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