When I used to drive a truck for a profession, my husband was selling his custom made jewelry… He was not my husband at that point, just the love of my life. This was way before both of us had any kids… Those were superb times, and I remember them dearly. I would drive, and he would talk with me and work on his jewelry as both of us traveled. In between driving gigs, both of us would plan a course for sightseeing areas, and the pressing jewelry shows as well. The superb times rolled for a couple of years, and then we grew weary of it. We certainly had some help in getting weary of it, when the truck AC appliance went offline in the midst of a major cross-country haul. There are some places where rolling down the windows is enough, and others where you just have to use a/c. It first occurred in the middle of a haul, and there was no time to pull off and visit an AC service repair shop. We had to keep going for several days in that wicked heat before the end of the ride. After that he went to a jewelry show to sell some of his wares, and I took my rig to the closest a/c repairman. The news was not good in the slightest, the AC would need to be completely substituted. I can’t say that it was the fault of the a/c at all, as that was just a random issue. Going through the long drive with my husband in a truck with no cooling made me realize it was really time to find another job.

HVAC expert