All this talk about smart technology certainly can really make people feel a bit dumb at times! It’s a whole new world of convenience plus ease. It seems as though the easier smart appliances make life, the more difficult it gets to understand how to effectively use these smart pieces of equipment. For younger people born in the “smart age”, using anything smart comes pretty much as naturally as eating food. For older people, however, using these new gadgets can be a serious challenge. Take the smart temperature control for instance, this temperature control is used to program the quality of air coming from the Heating plus A/C device in your household. A smart temperature control operates from an internet connected unit such as a smartphone or ipad. It may be used to program the temperature control in a space from just about anywhere. Once the programing is done, this gadget will re-adjust the setting all by itself as the outside temperatures change. It is able to tell whether or not a room is occupied plus adjust the temperature accordingly, plus it can even let you know when the air filter in your Heating plus A/C device needs to be changed. A smart temperature control also has the zone control feature, which is supposed to save on electricity. This is because an empty room/zone does not have to be cooled or warmed with the rest of the household. Studies show that quite a few users of smart temperature controls do not really understand how to use them. In these cases, their Heating plus A/C devices use more, not less, electricity. That is what I am talking about. Smart technology is wonderful, but not when it’s smarter than the person that is trying to use it!