It’s constantly been especially funny to me about the local small town celebrities that we have all across the country.  It seems that every little farming community has an Uncle Jim or a Bobbie Sue who once jumped into the lake and saved some children from drowning, or that older woman who makes cherry pies so absolutely delicious that you suspect Betty Crocker, herself of stealing the recipe!  I care and appreciate all of these local traditions and small-town tales. I just wish I had a more interesting and better reason for my notoriety and local claim to fame. I’m not the best baker in the area, nor am I the most generous gardener. Instead, I’m that lady with the oldest gas furnace in the county. How old does a gas furnace have to be in order for an entire town to take notice of it, you ask? Well, my furnace is almost 40 years old. It was installed in this home when it was built new and has been working well and in continual usage ever since, and not only that, since we live in the far northern end of the country, I can certainly and with honesty say that in the wintertime, we use our gas furnace on a daily basis!  I don’t remember if we realized back when we first moved into this home, that we had a piece of history sitting in the basement. I briefly recall looking over the thermostat during our pre-home purchase walkthrough however, I absolutely remember seeing the gas furnace, and even though it was a cold morning, it appeared to work just fine. Over the years, when I would raise the thermostat to warm my house up, the gas furnace was always quick to roar into action from down below. We lived without any heating problems for numerous weeks before we had our old gas furnace professionally maintained by a local heating and air conditioning specialist. Actually, when he originally came by to tune-up our old gas furnace for the first time, you should have seen the face of that technician.  He was very impressed with the American ingenuity needed to build that old furnace. Ever since that day, the people interested in ironworks have been stopping by unannounced to come in, trying to see our very special gas furnace. It isn’t all that bad, really. I started charging admission to our basement.

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