Recently my husband Peter plus I decided to go vegan. All of us had both been vegetarians since we were young, but somehow it was still a big jump, however Peter was most sad about missing cheese plus also getting adequate protein! He works out a lot, plus he wanted to make sure he was still able to keep himself healthy and full of energy. I was distraught that I wouldn’t be able to eat all the nutrients my body needed. I went vegan one other time before and I was always cold and exhausted. At that point I was truly having to keep our Heating plus A/C system turned way up high so I wouldn’t have goose bumps. I care about our animal friends plus I guess the responsible thing to do is to get our nutrients from vegetables. I just need to make sure I get the right balance of foods to get everything my body requires. I can’t spend all that additional money on Heating plus A/C costs, especially since eating vegan can be expensive because we need to be eating more food which costs more money to maintain. Peter plus I aren’t going to want to spend a ton of extra money to pay extra heating costs or things that are due to more expensive eating habits. All of us knew it was going to be important that all of us study to get everything right! So far we are okay. All of us haven’t had to turn up the gas furnace higher than necessary so that’s a enjoyable sign! Obviously all of us will need some more time to become affiliated with the current diet before all of us guess for sure that all of us are eating properly without thinking about it. If all of us do run into troubles, all of us will need to adjust in a hurry so as not to incur any added unnecessary expenses.

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