My canine Bella is my whole world, but i’ve had her ever since she was a puppy plus now that she’s a huge grown up St. Bernard,   she’s the best associate that I’ve ever had. I dislike to be away from her, even for a few hours; That’s why it’s constantly traumatizing for both of us whenever it’s time for her to be groomed. I usually take her to a huge box pet store in town so they can groom her in their in-store grooming facility. They have the right set up in there to deal with a animal of Bella’s sizable stature.  The last time I took Bella in for a bath plus a haircut as well to get her nails clipped, I observed that the store was really cold when Bella and I first walked in. It’s the middle of summer, so the temperature control equipment in the store was really set to a fairly low temperature to keep up with the demand of the heat outside. After I dropped her off, it took about 3 hours for her to be finished. During that time, I got a cup of coffee, read a book, plus tried not to stress out about whatever Bella might be going through at the pet store. When they finally called to come and get her, the first thing I observed was the chilly cold store! The cooling system must have been running non-stop the whole time my Bella was there. I suppose they must have had something wrong with the control equipment in the store. Poor Bella had less fur because of her haircut plus she was shivering from the temperature of the cooling system! I suppose next time, I’ll take her to a private groomer so they can have more control over their cooling system settings.

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