I easily live in a park of the vast country where the weather is totally humid plus hot. My double kitchen house is about 1500 ft, plus I’ve noticed that it recently has some trouble with cool air. The horrible issue has easily been getting much worse as time goes on. We alerted the manager of our apartment community about the heating + A/C issues, so they could make some adjustments. For a few days, it easily seemed like they had made the necessary repairs to our A/C. Unfortunately, my wife plus myself went away for a few days last week. We decided to put the temperature control at 80 degrees, so we wouldn’t spend a lot of money while we would be away on an extended vacation. When we came back to our apartment, the A/C was constantly running plus giving us moderate air. The heating + A/C technicians had to be called, instead of using the normal supervisor to fix the problem. An entire team of heating + A/C professionals came to look into the apartment issues, plus realize that we needed to have a brand new unit laid out in our place. It was certainly a pretty big issue,. All of the vast expenses for the new heating + AC were paid by our apartment housing complex. We are certainly happy with the new unit, because it works better than anything we have had in the past. It’s been an immense update for efficiency in our place, because the cooling bill has also dropped significantly over the last few weeks.

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