Last evening while meeting with Bernadette and Howard in their lake home I discovered truly the best thing ever. Bernadette and Howard proposed me to take our shoes off at the door. Of course, I wanted to respect Bernadette and Howard’s home, even though I was also sad with our feet becoming frosty on the uncarpeted floors. After taking our shoes off in the mud room plus heading into the den, I felt a comfort of heat under our feet. Bernadette must have seen the shock on our face. She lets me guess that she thought it was silly when Howard proposed  radiant heated floors, even though she now delights in having heated floors. Howard has arthritis so she needed them for medical reasons, but for me I was coveting them for our own guilty pleasure. I hate wearing socks around the house. After our meeting is over plus ask for the HVAC company who installed their radiant heated floors. I have to get our own installed as soon as I can. The next day, I reached out to get the appointment, but they are booked up for three weeks. Those were the longest 21 days of our life. When talking to friends they proposed  just turning on the oil furnace so that our feet wouldn’t be cold. Of course that makes sense; however, I just wanted the heated flooring. Plain and simple. Well let’s just say after the upgrade of our radiant heated floors I fell in care about as much as HOward and Bernadette. I was able to have the air conditioner on but also have warm feet. Next time that I had a meeting with Howard and Bernadette I certainly informed them that I am fond of my new radiant heated floors.

heated floors