We are very dedicated to our health regimine in our home. My wife and I make sure to work out vigorously each and every day. It’s incredibly important to both our health and our state of mind. We both grew up in  homes where our family over ate and rarely participated in anything physical. This lifestyle took a toll on both of us. We found each other when we were both massively overweight and now we strive to make sure that kind of Lifestyle never happens again. Our new lifestyle makes us much happier although, it can be quite difficult at times, it’s almost always worth it. However there are other things that must be considered when you are working out so rigorously. For instance, you need to change up your workouts so you can exercise different muscles, because you don’t want to have big biceps and tiny legs for instance. We work up such a sweat it’s important that we have a high quality air conditioning to keep us cool. We work out in our basement every evening after we get home from work. We make sure that our HVAC system is set to a high so we can stay really cool throughout our workout regime. It makes the workout so much easier when you feel cool while you are raising your body temperature and covered in sweat. It’s also better for your health because you don’t overheat. Don’t get me wrong, sweating is a great way to remove toxins from your body and shed excess water weight, but you don’t want to suffer heat exhaustion either.