Getting rid of the original boiler system in my house was a real mistake. When I first moved in, there was an old boiler located in the basement. The boiler was the source for water heating as well as the  heater for the house. It was enormous, ugly and rather rusted. However, the boiler still provided hot water and generous heating. As a young, stupid and new homeowner, I decided I wanted something better looking. I invested in a brand new gas fireplace to add aesthetics to our living room. I then had a tankless water heating system installed. It took two weeks for me to miss the boiler. I now have two pieces of equipment to care and spend money on repair, rather than one. Also the tankless water heating system can’t keep up with demand. The gas fireplace is not the greatest heating system on the planet. It frequently quits and will just not turn back on. Also the fireplace only heats up the living room, so I’ve added a bunch of space heaters in the rest of the rooms of our home. It looks ugly and the electric bills is huge every month throughout the winter.   With the boiler system, I only relied on that one device. The boiler was able to heat up the whole house, no problem. The hot water was endless, and more efficient. The boiler certainly looked ugly, but it was effective. I never needed to spend money for repair or tune ups. It just performed quietly, without any sort of care or worries. I truly want to put the boiler back in our house. I had a fantastic heating system that I did not totally appreciate.

hot water boiler